# This is my favorite corner in our house: the relaxing area in the
 kitchen. At this spot I have a beautiful view over the water and I love 
to sit here while nourishing my little babygirl.  This is also the place where we
 often socialize and chat with our  friends or where we love to read. 
I just remembered that this is the place where I took my very first 
instagram photo 2 years ago. #

pics femkeido

Femke Dekker-ter Meulen is a Dutch interior designer who has just 
opened her beautiful "Femkeido"shop in Delft.

while watching her inspiring creative and colorful blog...
- she blogs about interior, lifestyle, photgraphy and everything she loves - 
 I was wondering... what would be her favorite corner at her home

I asked sweet Femke to share her corner with us
  simply supplemented with some words...
this is her beautiful #instacorner

you can find Femke on instagram here

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  1. Long tine since last time I stoped by your place!!! Love your last posts!!! Like always your blog it's sooo inspiring! Have a great day!!!

  2. Weer een huis met KLEUR!
    Snelle reactie,.. hahaha.
    Dit is echt een mooi huis en ze hebben zoveel leuke spullen... .......(zucht).

  3. Mooi! Ondanks dat ik niet een heel kleurrijke type ben, vind ik het erg mooi toegepast.
    Lieve groet,

  4. Heerlijk zo'n mooi plekje bij het raam!

  5. Mooie van Femke.
    Haar binnenkijker was ook zo mooi in 101 woon.
    Prachtig.. Met drie kinderen alles zo mooi houden en dat niets in de weg staat. Dat is toch knap.
    Liefs. X

  6. Love this corner!
    I've added you both on instagram and bloglovin. and I'm looking forward to follow you :) Beautiful pictures!

    Regards from a cold and rainy Norway :)